Thermogenic fat burner KOMPAVA ThermoFit Natural herbal formula contains a highly effective, stimulating and fat burning substances that significantly increase performance, supply the body with the... Detalj
153,- HRK
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Natural Formula KOMPAVA DLPA spare due to its amino acid phenylalanine is designed to improve mood in mental fatigue and the reduction the reducing excessive appetite. KOMPAVA extra DLPA is composed... Detalj
DLPA extra
54,- HRK
Natural detox preparation KOMPAVA Yucca shidigera rid the body of all toxins whether in the digestive or vascular system Detalj
Yucca Shidigera
96,- HRK
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Amino Acids BCAA Amino KOMPAVA Forte are branched essential amino acids that help carry out the synthesis of muscle proteins and thereby promote growth and repair of muscle cells. Amino BCAA Forte... Detalj
Amino BCAA Forte 2:1:1
152,50 HRK
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Amino acids Amino 2500 KOMPAVA with high nutritional value of microfiltered milk whey highest quality are designed to protect and increase muscle mass. They help the exhausted body with quick muscle... Detalj
Aminokyseliny Amino 2500
169,50 HRK
Natural 100% Casein Micellar KOMPAVA - 80% micellar casein form with excellent digestibility and high biological value, usability, quality and balanced range of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.... Detalj
Micellar Casein 80%
127,- HRK
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A protein with a non-current-Fuel Detalj
Wellness Daily Protein
99,99 HRK
optimizes metabolic environment Detalj
Sport Premium Energy
207,90 HRK
Mineral Drink Detalj
Acido Fit
36,- HRK
special composite mixture of sugars Detalj
58,- HRK
essencial aminoacid Detalj
L- Lysin
51,- HRK
Dodaci prehrani Detalj
K2 Anti Age Day & Night
347,- HRK
the instant form with excellent solubility Detalj
Instant amino acids K4 Power BCAA
285,- HRK
Simple (grape) suga Detalj
70,- HRK
Energy drink Detalj
Energo Fit
85,- HRK
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